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Area 52

Hogit crossing from Blade's Edge to Netherstorm Out of all the new zones in Outlands, Area 52 in the Netherstorm has to be the most mysterious. It was one of the first places I had to visit and fortunately it’s not too difficult to find as a level 60. From Hellfire Peninsula follow the road north through Zangamarsh into a tunnel that leads to Blade’s Edge Mountains. From here the going will be tough and only get tougher as the mobs range from level 65 to 68; mount up, charge northeast and don’t look back. When you reach the bridge spanning over the void you’re almost there.

Hogit with Area 52 in the distance As you cross over into the Netherstorm pay attention to the signs and you will have no problem finding Area 52. The silhouette of the rocket in the distance is unmistakable. There are very few mobs to take notice of if you stick to the road you’ve made it. Be sure to grab the flight point on the Eastern side of the town.

Vixton Pinchwhistle the Arena vendor in Area 52 Area 52 is a busy place with the locals trying to get their rocket off the ground but frequent attacks by the Burning Legion slow their progress. The launch date is inevitably t-minus never so you won’t see liftoff, but there are plenty of other things to do. Most visitors will probably be checking out the Arena vendor Vixton Pinchwhistle. One thing is for sure what happens in Area 52 stays in Area 52; the “Goblins in Black” make sure of that when you leave. ;)

7 Responses to “Area 52”

  1. Hogit Says:


    Only 48 days left!

  2. Elessedil Says:

    Did they tell you the truth about your parents in this town? Because it seems that would be where someone like you might come from. Nanu-Nanu.

  3. Aeigelus Says:

    Yeah, getting here is tough. Especially when you are a hunter, thinking you can Feign Death through everything, only to have it resisted EVERY friggin time. Mana burn mobs ftl…

  4. Hogit Says:

    Maybe I was lucky, but I didn’t have too much trouble. A couple close calls (the big guy who roams in Blade’s Edge) but with an epic mount and some mount speed increase gear you can still outrun a lot of stuff.

  5. Lamthara Says:

    wow… seems like a disneylands for engineering… anyway Hogit have found it hard… Aeigelus said it’s harder for hunters.

    Now since i’m a priest do i have a chance to get there or do i have to spam the chats to find a warlock to summon me ^^?

  6. Hogit Says:

    Everyone loves Priests just ask for a summon!

  7. andres32 Says:

    quiero jugar!!!!!!! =(

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