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I hate Archimonde RNG + Doomfire = Dead Hog. Those are Doomfires surrounding my corpse. Doomfires are supposed to travel out in a somewhat straight line towards the far groups or “bait” as I call them. Sometimes the Doomfires loop back onto the melee and you get the above. There isn’t much to do in that case but pray. Usually Warriors can destroy on this fight; between Bloodrage and Intercept, you can stay engaged in melee range and out of Doomfires the entire fight. I don’t know what happened here… or wait yes I do I got screwed!

5 Responses to “A’RNG’chimonde”

  1. James Says:

    Rofl, I’d blame Cornpo.

  2. James Says:

    Oh yeah… gratz hogit and ilterendi for #1 on Silvermoon! :D


  3. Anh Says:

    I ran into a guildie of yours in Eye of the Storm the other day, and I was excited to see the server and guild tag and my first thought was “ZOMG HOGIT!” and I sent him a tell saying something like that.

  4. Hogit Says:

    Hah that’s awesome.

  5. Tiny Tiger Says:

    It’s always typical that doomfires switch to you when I see it through peripheral vision that it goes by…always have to use that CameraMaxFactor command to avoid it :@

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