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Hogit's Story


Hogit lost A sudden fear gripped Hogit, a sinking feeling at the bottom of his stomach. “What in King Magni’s beard am I doing out here?” he thought to himself. The mountain pass had become too treacherous for even the ram, and Hogit had begun to travel on foot. The weather obscured his vision, while his guild Ilterendi’s recent retirement clouded his thoughts. Hogit was no tracker but it was easy enough to realize he was lost. Yet something in the wind whispered in his ear to continue on. North.

20 Responses to “Lost”

  1. Cornpo Says:


  2. Hogit Says:

    You don’t know. You just don’t know. You may think you know, but you don’t know. And you never will.

  3. Seph Says:

    Bad ass, Hogit.

  4. Disturbed Says:

    Hogit a deathknight no wai not my bff hogit

  5. fatty123 Says:

    HOGGIT URE SO COOL, I LUV URE VIDEO. IS THIS CD KEY THING WHO WILL NINJA MY ACCOUNT? PLZ ANSWER ME, I WORKED HARD ON MY CHARACTER. WHAT SERVER ARE U FROM, and is it an asian server, europe server or usa server. I wanna have a meeting with u ingame or on msn PLZ REPLY

  6. James Says:

    sorry to hear about ilterendi =/ and i see hablion joined Jesters and cornpo transfered :( oh well… gl on ur adventures hogit! ;)

  7. Cornpo Says:

    Death for Hog and Hog for Hog

  8. Kuz Says:

    GOD DAMN HOGIT YOUR EDGE OF MADNESS BOSS CALENDAR IS WRONG , today i was supossed to summon Hazza’rah but i summoned Gri”lek damn it !!!

  9. Hogit Says:

    All last week was Gri’lek, sooooo if you started your instance yesterday or before you will get Gri’lek, even if you summon today which is Hazza’rah.

    The summon boss is chosen depending on which day you create and are saved to the instance. You have to wait til reset to actually get the new boss if you are saved, or in a saved instance.

    Get in a fresh instance today and it will be Hazza’rah.

  10. Kevin Says:

    Hope hogit finds his way out soon been so long and found the stories rather interesting so far. Keep them up.

  11. World of Warcraft cheats World of Warcraft hacks and wow gold guides Says:

    How lost are you Hogit? You have fallen into the abyss!

  12. Disturbed Says:


  13. Hogit Says:

    I’m very lost, somehow I have ended up on US West Ladder D2 LOD…….

  14. nuker Says:

    no update since march… richard no longer playing WoW… Cornpo played 1 of the best End-game guilds?? Good luck man and I hope you make an amazing comback into WoW :D

    Say hi to ANA!!!

    btw, now I play with RL friends in the new latin american server Ragnaros XD

  15. Hogit Says:

    I’m still around hehe, how is the latin american version? Ana was very interested in it…

  16. wowblogger Says:

    Hogit will never be lost while he has his rum.
    samownall – World of Warcraft Blogger

  17. Elessedil Says:

    Who’s Ana??!

  18. Muze Says:

    I dunno… sounds like a gnome name to me. <3

  19. Note Says:

    “I dunno‚Ķ sounds like a gnome name to me. <3″

    Your face sounds like a gnome!

  20. Fantasy Name Generator Says:

    OMG this sounds like me when I’m trying to find a quest up in the mountains or something…LOST…

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