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Elessedil's Story

A New Hope

above the rooftops of Teldrassil Standing at the window Elessedil was able to see all she remembered from this place, the beautiful lilac plants, the arched rooftops, the creatures that roamed the wild treacherous forest. But most of all, she could still sense the Elven magic that remained in Teldrassil, her home.

lush elven gardens The heavy robes she had not worn since the sentinels brought her back were still in one piece. Looking at them, they reminded her of the glory she once knew. How long ago had it been? She wanted to remember, but everything was so far away now. She buttoned up her boots and stepped outside. She walked across the lush gardens of purple and green foliage and greeted passersby casting a blessing upon them.

a gateway to through towering trees Yes, Elessedil could still grant life to others. This made her smile for a moment, but the smile vanished just as fast as it had come. A flash of the terrible things she had seen shook her core again. Her skin turned cold as the guilt imposed itself once more. Had she let her friends die in that horrible place to save herself? If they were still out there, did they know she was alive?

modest elven dwellings Outland had drained her spirit, that was true enough. She had wanted to forget everything, the war, the evil, the hatred, all but her friends. Nevertheless, she left it all, good and bad. She had survived. And what now? Sadness.

architecture of Teldrassil Elessedil had not seen the end of the war waged against Illidan Stormrage, although she heard the army of Ilterendi had defeated him. She also knew they were gone, and she would never go to battle with them again. Alone, she looked around and recognized no one in this place anymore. The truth was, she recognized no one anywhere anymore, not even herself. She bit her lip to stop it from shaking and ran back into the cottage.

fat loots box The hinges squeaked when she opened the chest. From within, she took out the old heavy amulet and placed it around her neck. She looked for the small velvet pouch she had hidden at the bottom and pulled its silk ribbon to open it. They were still there, her trinkets and her jewel encrusted rings. She closed the pouch again and stuffed it in her pocket. Her woolen cloak felt heavy and warm as she clipped on the chain. She got on her knees and reached far under the bed. The white glow flooded the room when the staff finally came into view.

quiet moonlight over Kalimdor's northern coast The ship arrived on time. The familiar creaking of the wooden steps gave her some comfort. She might never find what she sought after, but there was nothing for which to stay. Was she indeed utterly alone? One word was on Elessedil’s mind as the vessel left the Elven island cutting into the cold, unforgiving waters. She whispered it, perhaps as a prayer. She hoped it would travel across the oceans and that it would be answered. “Hogit,” she said.

19 Responses to “A New Hope”

  1. Hogit Says:

    so emo

  2. cornpo Says:

    big time emo

  3. Hogit Says:

    at least she’s not a traitor!

  4. eron Says:

    off-topic, but did you(hogit) and ana get into the beta? id love to hang out with you guys in it since i play on a pvp server so i cant witness the skills of the hogit on live servers ><

  5. Hogit Says:

    We are in the group of about 500 or so Blizzcon attendees Blizzard messed up on sending beta invites to.

    So yes and no, we are waiting for them to mail the codes.

    Also I think because Elessedil’s account was inactive during July 15th that account is ineligible for beta.

  6. Muze Says:

    Who’s Ana?!?


  7. eron Says:

    that sucks man.. my friend had that happen to him, and yeah, hes still waiting. also sucks that ilterendi quit :( if you dont mind me asking, why didnt you join another guild like cornpo or hablion, or kel?

  8. elessedil Says:

    Cause he likes to keep it realz that’s why!

  9. Pure Says:

    I’ve been playing WoW for a long time, never tried the WOTLK beta yet. I’m pretty eager to give it a shot and see how it is, hopefully it makes WoW good enough to stick around a couple more years.

  10. Visin Says:

    Wow, that seems so so deep, but i love it. I am a first time reader here, but i do love it so much. Thanks for the great read!


  11. Cornpo Says:

    Your blog is wow amazing really good read. Its amazing really well perfect I read a lot great.

  12. Loky Says:

    Always a good read in my spare time. I liked this story ^^

  13. cino Says:

    Good read, enjoyed it. Keep writing those stories, or else! ^^

  14. Gunners Says:

    Hi Hogit and Elessedil! How are you guys doing? it’s been more than 2 years since I quit playing WoW.. I miss WoW hehe

  15. Bijuaru Says:


    Very well written, thought of many fond memories I’ve had in wow whilst reading.

    Hope all is well with you two.

  16. Cornpo Says:

    ZzzzZzzzz this website needs an update badly!

  17. some dork Says:

    Hey there, good to see others writing Warcraft stories. I am featuring a series of stories on my site. The first installment is up now:

    An Assignment

    Enjoy and happy Warcrafting.

  18. Disturbed Says:

    I miss Hogit :(

  19. elessedil Says:

    Great. I didn’t know we advertised porn now! Good work, Hog.

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